Ellie Bojarski: The Rising Star with a Story of Resilience and Talent

Ellie Bojarski’s journey is one of strength and determination. Born on 10.1.2011 to proud parents Lisa and Frank Bojarski, Jr., she faced unimaginable hardships at a young age. Tragically, Ellie lost her mother to post-natal depression when she was just five weeks old. Her mother’s passing was followed by the heartbreaking loss of her father in a tragic accident. At such a tender age, Ellie and her older brother Kody found solace and stability with their grandparents, who lovingly raised them.

Surrounded by a close-knit and supportive family, Ellie grew up immersed in a world of community engagement and activism. She accompanied her grandmother to meetings, events, and participated in various community work, witnessing firsthand the impact of passion and dedication. Dancing became Ellie’s creative outlet and passion, with Jazz, tap, ballet, and hip-hop becoming her favorite forms of expression. From the age of two and a half, she trained at the Decadance Academy, honing her skills and love for dance.

At just three years old, Ellie performed tap and Jazz dance at the Relay for Life event for the Cancer Council of NSW, Fairfield City. This marked her first foray into community participation, igniting a desire to make a difference. She also became one of the angels at the yearly Santacruzan and Flores de Mayo event organized by FilOz Liverpool and Districts Inc., a non-profit organization. Through dance and volunteering, Ellie has actively supported the Cancer Council of NSW Relay for Life, where her grandmother has been a dedicated committee member for the past two decades. Ellie assists behind the scenes and takes part in the impactful Hope Ceremony, the highlight of the event.

Beyond her involvement in cancer-related initiatives, Ellie has also lent a helping hand to the FilOz group and its affiliates. She assisted in sending food and goods to the Philippines during times of floods and calamities, taking joy in packing boxes of toys for children in need. Ellie proudly represented the Philippines at the Children’s Festival of Sydney in 2016, showcasing her culture by donning traditional Filipiniana attire. The festival, held annually at The Rocks, Revesby, and Campbelltown, celebrates diversity and fosters unity among children.

In addition to her philanthropic endeavors, Ellie enjoys swimming, cycling, ice skating, and indulging in movie nights. Although she may be shy, she cherishes the time spent playing with her beloved cousins. Ellie’s exceptional talent and resilient spirit have garnered recognition over the years. She was awarded Mini Miss Australia 2017 in Melbourne, participated in the Victoria Global United International Beauty Pageant, and was named USA Miss Little Global United International 2018 Lifetime Ambassador.

Ellie Bojarski’s story is one of triumph over adversity, exemplifying resilience, compassion, and artistic brilliance. Her appearance on the cover of Model & Mode Magazine serves as a testament to her determination and talent. As Ellie continues to shine, we eagerly await the many remarkable achievements that lie ahead for this rising star.