Thank you for considering a sponsorship opportunity with TV6 Network, a dynamic social TV channel that covers entertainment, lifestyle, business, fashion, and trending topics. Our extensive online presence, combined with our media partners, offers a unique platform to reach a diverse and engaged audience. This sponsorship kit provides an overview of TV6 Network and the benefits of partnering with us.

TV6 Network Overview

TV6 Network is a social TV channel that delivers captivating content to its audience. Our website attracts 30,000 monthly visitors, and we have a strong presence on various social media platforms, including:

TV6 YouTube: 8,000 subscribers
TV6 Facebook: 5,000 followers
TV6 Instagram: 3,000 followers
TV6 Twitter: 11,000 followers

Media Partners

In addition to our own platforms, we have established partnerships with influential media channels that amplify our reach and engagement:

StarCentral Magazine Facebook account: 55,000 followers
StarCentral Magazine Instagram account: 20,000 followers
StarCentral Magazine Twitter account: 13,000 followers
StarCentral Media Group Twitter account: 17,000 followers
Global Elite Media Group Facebook account: 5,000 followers
GEQ Facebook account: 5,000 followers
MS Entertainment Facebook account: 5,000 followers
AGSA Facebook account: 4,000 followers

Other Partners

We are proud to collaborate with prominent TV6 Network ambassadors who have a substantial following and influence:

Mike Central TV: 25,000 social media followers
Maryrose Salubre: 60,000 social media followers
Jojo Sebastian: 15,000 social media followers

Overall Reach

Through our diverse platforms and media partnerships, TV6 Network provides access to an overall reach of over 300,000 individuals. This broad audience includes a range of demographics and interests, allowing for targeted and impactful brand exposure.

Sponsorship Benefits

Brand Exposure

Reach a wide and diverse audience through our TV6 Network platforms and media partners, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand.

Targeted Marketing

Align your brand with specific content categories such as entertainment, lifestyle, business, fashion, and trending topics, reaching a highly engaged audience interested in these areas.

Online Reach

Leverage our digital platforms to connect with a tech-savvy and socially active audience, amplifying your brand’s online presence and engagement.

Social Media Promotion

Benefit from our extensive social media reach, with mentions, tags, and posts across multiple platforms to boost your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Customized Sponsorship Packages

Tailor sponsorship packages to suit your marketing goals and budget. We offer options such as branded content, video integration, event sponsorships, and more.

Contact Us

To discuss partnership opportunities or to receive a customized sponsorship package, please contact our sponsorship team at:

Phone: Maryrose on 0423 744 420

Thank you for considering a partnership with TV6 Network. We look forward to collaborating with you to create impactful and successful sponsorship campaigns.